Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation


Church of the Messiah Housing CorporationOur Mission:

The mission of the Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation is to engage in housing, community and economic development activities to improve the quality of life in the lower eastside of Detroit.


Our Vision:

We envision a strong, safe, self-sustaining community where quality, affordable, housing and employment opportunities as well as business enterprises exist. An area thatis well maintained, with a strong sense of community, making this aNeighborhood of Choice for the residents of the City of Detroit.

Kingston Arms Apts.


Our Core Values:

We promise to always operate with:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Empowerment


Field Street II Townhomes



Restoring a Holistic Sense of Community

Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation was incorporated in 1978 and was one of the first community development corporations in the nation. It was established to confront the extensive deterioration and demolition of housing within the Islandview neighborhood of the lower east side of Detroit. This was a community whose souland sense of place remained intact. Our main focus has been to stabilize the neighborhood throughthe rehabilitation and operational management of multi-unit apartment buildings and the construction of single family homes, rental townhouses, ans apartment buildings.

Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation has historically been one of Detroit’s most prolific housing developers. The Bellevue Village Project was the first single family construction in the area after fifty years. Single family homes, apartment buildings and townhouses renovated and constructed by Messiah include:

  • St. Paul Manor Apts
  • Kingston Arms Apts.
  • El Tovar Apts.
  • The Hamilton Building Apts.
  • Bridgeview I Townhomes
  • Bridgeview II Townhomes
  • Field Street I Townhomes
  • Field Street II Townhomes
  • Bellevue Village

Located only three miles from downtown Detroit and adjacent the Belle Island, The Islandview Community is an ideal location. However, its the Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation that makes the area a community.



The Hamilton Building Apts.

Looking to the Future

As with many nonprofits today, Church of the Mesiah Housing Corporation has been greatly impacted by the downturn in the economy. We have found that we can no longer rely on new condtruction development if we are to remain a viable organization.

In 2010 the corporation, led by the Board of Directors, underwent an extensive business planning process with the aid of Detroit LISC. the goal was to determine how the organization would look in the future. The outcome was diversification of services. Although we would continue to look for new construction development opportunities, we would:

– focus on rehabbing and perserving many of the beautiful buildings that exist in our area

– market our propperty management capability to other housing corporations

– partner with other nonprofits in the area to provide holistic services to the residents


El Tovar Apts.

For the Seniors

One of the fastest growing populations in America are teh baby boomers. Unfortunately, many of them are now in the position of raising their grandchildren. In 2011 we will resurrect plans to develop Grand Village. This will be a development for grandparents raising grandchildren in one area, seniors without grandchildren in another and a facility to attend to their needs that will connect the two.

In 2011 one of our existing apartment buildings will be designated as housing foe underprivileged. Residents will be identified through partnerships with local nonprofts. Discussions are underway to dvelop partnerships to provide services and transportation for these residents through other agencies to help them re-enter mainstream society.


For the Community

Urban farming partnerships have been formed so that the community can grow and harvest fresh, pesticidefree, produce, on some of the vacant lots owned by Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation.

Plans are also underway to create two parks. One for Church of the Messiah Housing residents only, the other for the entire community.


Bridgeview I Townhomes


Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation is currently under reconstruction.

If you would like more information please feel free to call: (313)267-1010.