The Rev. Peter Klein


The Rev. Peter Klein    John (Peter) Klein was born on July 6 , 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Walter Klein, was an Episcopal priest and his mother, Helene, a Latin and English teacher. Walter eventually became Professor of Old Testament and Sematic languages at Seabury Western Theological Seminary in Evanstion, Illnois. He then became the Dean of Nashotah House Seminary in Nashotah, Wisconsin, and finally Bishop of Northtern Indiana. All of this religious influence did not keep young John from questioning his faith and leaving the church at the age of 18. At age 28, after experiencing avocational and financial crisis (he was jobless and broke), he went to St. Gregory’s Abby, an Episcopal Benedictine monastery in Three Rivers, Michigan, for counseling. There he had a strong encounter with God, was baptized in the Holy Spirit, joined the monestary and became Brother Peter. After four years, it became evident that the celibate, monastic life was not for him.

In 1975, keeping the name Peter, he left the monastary and joined the Christian community at Church of the Messiah in Detroit. He lived in several households and taught kindergarten and first grade at the Messiah Learning Center for ten years until the school and the formal community dissolved in 1986. In 1978, he persuaded Jean Springer who also taught at the school to marry him. They had three daughters, Rebecca, Laura, and Melissa.

In 1986, Peter became the adminstrator and sexton at Church of the Messiah. When the church could no longer afford to pay him, he became office manager at WARM Training Center, a non-profit that at one time created work-owned cooperative businesses, but is now primarily an energy education for low income people, energy audits, weatherization, workforce development and various green building projects. Peter remained a member of Church of the Messiah, joined the Vestry and eventually became secretary and senior warden. When Messiah decided to embrace total ministry, Peter was selected to train for the priesthood. He was ordained in 2002 and continues to work at WARMTraining Center. He continues to serve the church mainly as celebrant at the first service on Sundays. His chief joy is spending time with his grand-daughter Rene, who is only three years old and can tell you exactly what she wants, and can usually get it from her grandfather.

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